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Oh L'amour!

what's a boy in love supposed to do?

6 October 1986
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Fashion is fashion is fashion, darling.

gackt, björk, khaled, faudel, a-ha, the edith piaf, nirvana, the latin kings, jewel, stillwater, ofra haza, sugababes, damien rice, scissor sisters, placebo, dir en grey, elvis presley, david bowie, kylie minouge, enya, mozart, seu jorge, abba, petshop boys, janis joplin, charles aznavour, goldfrapp, the verve, moby, josé gonzáles, yazoo, sigur rós, the white stripes, beethoven, erasure, depeche mode, shakira, the ark, led zeppelin, aventura, the knife, madonna, leonard cohen, gwen stefani, miyavi, the raveonettes, u2, the who, sting,pink floyd, css, muse, yeah yeah yeahs, franz ferdinand, the killers, wolfmother, my chemical romance, korn

star wars, (almost) anything by pedro almodóvar, lotr, amelie from montmartre, kill bill vol 1&2, hero, american beauty, crouching tiger - hidden dragon, love actually, battle royale, a clockwork orange, evil dead, the fearless vampire killers, howl's moving castle

dark chocolate, yaoi, books, telenovelas,internet, movies, the moon, music, red nailpolish, drinking, tea, pretty nightgowns, stars, dancing, sleeping, languages, museums, anime, fashion, vegetables, europe (not the group), painting, sunsets, sloths, anne rice, harryXdraco, bananas, mangos, talcum powder, soap bars, avocados, daydreaming, dressing up, the night, turtles, carrot juice, staying up late, traveling, lipgloss, cats, art, stickers, music, writing&reading letters

übersub!harry, frizzy hair, hermione granger(harry potter), thongs, animal breeding, soggy towels, silverfishes, arrogance, my study adviser in 9th grade, meat, rudeness

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Stewie is Love.

Being a Libra is Love.

That 70's Show is Love.