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Boring to be back.

It's been a month now since I came back from my (almost) 6 month long trip through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong (just stayed a week) and Japan.

Those months were probably the best time in my life (well so far at least). I haven't written here in a long time and I'm almost 100% sure nobody reads my half assed entries but I feel like I have to write something anyway. I'll pretend somebody has been waiting for me to update and that this update will make them happyhappyhappy. :P (boring!).

Anyway, I can't write about my whole trip would take too long and it I can't remember much at the moment. It's so much easier when looking at pictures aand other things (like tickets, brocheurs <-(not spelled correctly but meh) and souvenirs) from the trip because they trigger the memory and you remember where you were going with that ticket, what you were going to do and so on.

The main reason I even went on this trip was because I was so fed up with life here. I had trouble at work and just felt depressed as hell. I'm not saying you should run from your problems but I was just so tired of everything here. The same people everywhere, same things, same gossip, same parties everthing same same and not different at all!

So, I'm don't regret going for one second. I feel llike going somewhere again but I don't have money (yet!). Got to find a job and start saving up again. But I try not to think about boring stuff like that now.

Right now I'm searching for different ways to tie an obi belt*.

*The sash/belt you tie around your waist usually worn with kimono/yukata. At least I think so.
No, I'm pretty sure.

Well. Yep.
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