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my poor thumb :'(

Figures it was time to post something, I've been planning on updating but then I was just like "eh".
So what had happened since last time (last summer?) I wrote something here? Nothing much, I'm still working and I find that I have a love/hate relationship with my workplace (I work at a "old folks" home). I like most of the residents there and most of my workmates but it's hard sometimes. Some days are just horrible, everything goes wrong, all of them are whining and I'm tired as hell. Hm, well I'm kinda whining now. Anyway, I'm happy that I have a job but I'm starting to feel stressed.

But I haven't been at work this week because of my thumb. This is what happened. It was last Saturday, a few of us went out to a club in town. I was pretty drunk (after a bottle of wine and some bacardi) but I was having a good time dancing and talking to people. I don't remember everything clearly but I do remember washing my hands in the ladies room when a girl says to me "Oh my god, you're bleeding!".

I didn't understand what she was talking about but when I looked down at my hands I saw the blood mixing with the water. She took my hand and took me to the kitchen (or someplace similar) and they tried to help me but they said I had to go the the er. I still didn't quite understand what was going on but suddenly my friends were there and were leading me to the car. I cried the whole way and just kept repeating "I'm sorry, I'm sorry". When we got to the er I had to lay down and they fixed my hand. They had to take off my thumbnail but it didn't matter since it was almost off anyway. They also founds pieces off glass in my cuticles.

So that was my night out. I didn't think it was all that bad. I mean, worse things can happen. My mother didn't see it that way. "You drink too much! Why do you always have to get wasted!?" Eh, whatever. ;P

I'm probably going back to work next week. It feels ok now, doesn't hurt as much as it did the first 3 days (it hurt like hell)but it's still sore and it looks all gooey and yellow/greenish.

I'm not going out this Saturday. But probably the next. ^^
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