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I was at the beach yesterday with mom, dad and my sister.
There were loads of ladybugs in the water and just by the water. I saved a few of them out of the water and noticed that they were all over the beach too.Some sort of flying ants (?) were trying to eat them so I took a few of them and dropped them off in by the trees (the beach is next to a forest).But I felt bad for the other ladybugs so I helped them too.
My sister, my mom and I each took a cup and put them there and then dropped them off by the trees as I did with the others.
We "saved" around 400 ladybugs. I just had too, ladybugs are so pretty!

There were a lot of jellyfish in the water too. But these ones are harmless so you can touch them. A lot of them float up at the shore and then dry out. I saw a few when walking along the shore so I helped them too. They're kind of pretty too, a little slimy, but pretty.

I've decided to get a cat from a cat shelter. I sent a "application" so I hope it goes well. The one I want is at risk of being "put to sleep" if they don't find a home for him. But the sad thing is that he has two siblings, but I can't have 3 cats (well, it would be 4 with Maja).
I feel so bad in a way.
Poor little creatures.
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Awww, that's nice you're saving those ladybugs, jellyfish, and cats.

I'm moving to a new apartment and my roommate/boss has a kitten she adopted but now she finds she's allergic to it. So she says she might give it away to a shelter (where it might be put to sleep). I want to save it, but I'm not in a position (financially) to adopt a pet. :(

Btw, I've got your package/letter all wrapped up, I just need to go to the Post Office to send it. I'll probably send it after Monday next week, as I'll be in the process of moving.
Hey, remember me? :)

I got my cat from an animal's shelter. She's adorable. She was really shy to begin with, but now she's the cuddliest cat I've ever met, actually! How'd it go for you? Have you got a kitten now??
Of course I remember!
You will get a letter probably before Christmas.
I've been meaning to send one to you forever but work just takes up so much of my time.

My cat (Snutte) seemed kinda scared at first, he was shaking like crazy but now he's just crazy.

Again, jag är jätteledsen för att jag inte skrivit eller ens sagt något men jag har ja, jag vet inte egentligen.
Jag är också otroligt lat och tycker om att sova.
Men jag ska skriva! Jag tycker du är jätteintressant och vi verkar ha så mycker gemensamt. Det är inte ofta man "träffar" någon som man rikigt kan prata med, tycker jag iallafall.
Då antar jag att du fortfarande vill brevväxla...? *biter läpp*
aww, aren't you sweet. *giggles*
ladybirds are pretty though. good job.