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I was at the beach yesterday with mom, dad and my sister.
There were loads of ladybugs in the water and just by the water. I saved a few of them out of the water and noticed that they were all over the beach too.Some sort of flying ants (?) were trying to eat them so I took a few of them and dropped them off in by the trees (the beach is next to a forest).But I felt bad for the other ladybugs so I helped them too.
My sister, my mom and I each took a cup and put them there and then dropped them off by the trees as I did with the others.
We "saved" around 400 ladybugs. I just had too, ladybugs are so pretty!

There were a lot of jellyfish in the water too. But these ones are harmless so you can touch them. A lot of them float up at the shore and then dry out. I saw a few when walking along the shore so I helped them too. They're kind of pretty too, a little slimy, but pretty.

I've decided to get a cat from a cat shelter. I sent a "application" so I hope it goes well. The one I want is at risk of being "put to sleep" if they don't find a home for him. But the sad thing is that he has two siblings, but I can't have 3 cats (well, it would be 4 with Maja).
I feel so bad in a way.
Poor little creatures.
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