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I hate Posten (postal service). I sent a package yesterday and I used one 10kr(1,35 USD)stamp and thought that would be enough, it didn't weigh that much. OK, I have to admit I was being a little cheap but I've done it before.
I got a letter today saying I have to pay them 65kr (8,77 USD)for not using enough stamps. Why are stamps so damn expensive?
"We make regular checks to make sure that all letter and packages..." blahblahblah PISS OFF!

From one thing to another, I'm still looking for a camera to buy.
Why do there have to be so many? Meh.

Well, off to watch Narnia (haven't seen it yet).
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Agh, that sucks, but at least it came back to you, instead of having it lost for forever!

Stamps could be really expensive, indeed :(
I've spend over $100 in my one visit to a PO before...agh.
$100?! Yikes!
When you buy stamps (for one letter), is there one kind of stamp for domestic mail and another one for international?
For regular letter, the domestic is 39 cents and the international one is 84 cents.
It's really cheap in America, compared to Japan!

Btw, did you like Narnia?
I love Lucyyyyy! She is so cute!
And I love the witch too. I think she is beautiful in an odd way...
Wah! That's so cheap.

Oh, I didn't get to see it. The dvd didn't work in our player beacause it doesn't play certain formats/types of dvd's (which of course nobody told us when we bought it).