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work, work, work

I'm working the night shift today, saturday and Sunday = YAY! I love working nights, it's so much easier than working the day/evening shift.
I remember the last time I worked the night shift. It felt so great seeing people going to work in the morning when I was on my way home.

My plan is to work as much as I can now and during the summer so I start school in September. But I don't know what to study. I think I'm going to choose some languages. I have to take up French again, Russian, Spanish and maybe Polish.
I have to to something because I don't want to become stuck here.
It's not that I don't like where I work now. Most of my colleagues are nice and most of the oldies are nice too. I just can't see myself in ten years, still working there. Uuugh. NO WAY.

Another good thing about me working this weekend is that I now have an excuse not to go out. I really don't feel like going out anyway. I've been going out every Saturday for the past few weeks. I like going out dancing but it gets a little blaha since we always go to the same place, with the same people, same music and so on. This town in pretty>/strike> boring.

!!! And to anyone I owe a letter I'm working on it! I promise! see -> :D! (...promice face?)
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