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Live in Copenhagen!

February 25th 2006 is and will forever be one of the best days in my life!
I saw Depeche Mode in Copenhagen!

I was working the night before and called Ulliz several times to make plans. We hadn't even set a time to meet up. I didn't get a hold of her which made me nervous. Sometimes I do things without planning but this time I had to make sure nothing would go wrong. I called her again when I came home and she picked up, finally.

We decided that she was going to pick me up around 5pm and drive us to Malmö. I made a CD with Depeche Mode so we could listen in the car, to get us "in the mood" ;). We then took the train from Malmö to Copenhagen. We didn't know where Parken (the stadium where the concert was being held) was and asked some people but they didn't know but it probably wouldn't have made any difference if they did though, I can't seem to understand Danish.
Anyway, we were going to take a taxi to Parken and when we got to the place where you wait for taxis there was a line, a looong line. We had to wait for about 30 minutes before we got a hold a taxi. Well, we didn't do that. Two guys who were in front of us in the line were getting in to a taxi and I ran up to them and asked if they also were going to Parken. They were so I asked if we could share which of course we could. We didn't even have to pay!

The taxidriver said that he would drop us off a bit from Parken since they were so many people out they were blocking the streets. At first we were like "OMG! Where do we go!?" After looking around us we realized we just had to go with the flow since it seemed like everybody in Copenhagen were going to see DM.

When we got to the stadium it wasn't very hard to find our entrance. One thing I didn't realize before was that our seat were really high up. We did see the stage though but it was just scary climbing up all those stairs. And it was dark to so you didn't see anything. We did find our seats though and sat down to wait. One thing that surpised me was that people were smoking in the stadium. The reason for this is because in Sweden you are no longer allowed to smoke inside restaurants/bars/ets anymore. They don't have that rule in Denmark (I think).

After sitting there for a while watching people come in the light went out and everybody just started apploading and screaming (me included).
Then, they started playing. :)
The set list for this show was as following:

A Pain That I'm Used To
John The Revelator*
A Question Of Time* (I started screaming and jumping around when I heard the intro, I just love this song so much)
Policy Of Truth
Walking In My Shoes*
Suffer Well
Damaged People
I Want It All
The Sinner In Me
I Feel You*
Behind The Wheel
World In My Eyes
Personal Jesus* (by this song EVERYBODY was standing up)
Enjoy The Silence*

Shake The Disease*
Just Can't Get Enough
Everything Counts

Encore 2:
Never Let Me Down Again*
Goodnight Lovers* (Before playng this song Dave went "sccchhhh" and the whole audience went quiet)

(The songs with * are my favorites)

The concert was great, they're amazing live! So much energy I could feel it all the way back where I was sitting. After the concert we stayed a while. We then found a bus that took us to the (main)train station and from there took the train to Malmö. We regretted buying tickets, they didn't check them because the train was so packed with people we were standing || <- this close. Two guys that were drunk started talking to us, well everybody was talking with everybody really, and we ended up giving one of them a ride to the taxi station in our town.

After going to this concert I really want to see them again live, but I have to get better seats. Or no seats at all, I want to stand up! :)
I heard some rumours that they were maybe coimg to Roskilde but I don't think that's going to happen. I don't know if I'm going to Roskilde. We'll see.

Conclusion: Depehce Mode are great and I love them and I want to see them again!
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