slashastic (slashastic) wrote,

Le vacacion!

Shit, I haven't written anything here in a long. But nothing especially exiting has happened. I've just been working as usual...and buying Hello Kitty stuff on online auctions.

Anyway, I'm leaving for Bulgaria this Saturday, I'll be gone 2 weeks.
Then I'll be home for about a week before going to Roskilde festival (Björk will be there!!!).

My mom is worried about me drinking to much while down there but I told her there's nothing to worry about. I'm responsible. Very much so.
Haha, ah well...

This is my itty-bitty-kitty cat Paco AKA Snutte. He turned 1 on May 30.
He got nutered the same day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS! :P

Sometimes I get bored and put some makeup on. Lots of it!
Oh, and I'm wearing pyjamas.

Sunset et ma petite soeur.

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